Purse Power

You carry around an HDTV Studio in your purse or pocket, which will change your business, income and life.

We insultingly call this miracle, a phone, when it is so much more.

With your "phone", your smartphone, Apple or Android, you have the power of a private TV Station, with the ability - at any moment - to video broadcast your message, your wisdom, your skills, your offers to The World.

What an opportunity!

Are you maximizing this opportunity?

We are living in an exciting time of unprecedented change and opportunities, but for many, change can be a very unsettling time, which can easily overwhelm and stun us into inaction.

But in our rapidly changing world, none of us can afford - literally afford both personally and financially - to be overwhelmed and stunned into inaction.

The goal of Wisdom To Wealth Mastery is to dispell the overwhelm and take you, step by step, into our Brave New World, with a simple, focused and direct path to Crafting Your Wisdom To Create Long Lasting Wealth, Using All The Tools Of The New Marketing, With A Focus On Video.

Video has been shown, time and again, to be the most powerful tool to take your Wisdom and Skills to a wider audience, to become known, liked and trusted and to boost your business and income.

Many are uncomfortable with being on camera and "Tech" in general, especially "Video Tech and Equipment, are not favourite subjects.

Take heart, the tech of video creation has become ridiculously simple and in "Purse Power" you will learn how to create, edit, upload, create a YouTube Channel, create a video blog and distribute it to the World, via your social media.

The course also includes modules on Live Streaming and Bonus Modules, with valuable tips on how to present yourself on video.

In truth, with video already being over 75% of all web content and rising, the use of video to market yourself and your business is no longer a "Nice Idea" but a "Must Have".

In 2015, the Wisdom or Knowledge industry was worth $107,000,000,000 US and it continues to grow.

How much of this $107 billion is making its way into your business and income?

Once again, video creation is the most powerful way to direct this gold into your purse, using that gold you already have in your purse, your smart phone.

If you have yet to take the plunge into video creation and marketing or want a simple A - Z system to tap into the Wisdom Industry income stream, using your smartphone - Purse Power is for you.