Video Marketing 101

If you know you need to be using video in your business, but somehow you have never got around to taking that first step or perhaps you dislike being on camera or tech gives you the collywobbles, then you are in the right place!

Video Marketing 101 is designed to take you, simply and easily, step by step  along the video path, giving you the confidence to create videos, simply and easily, using your smartphone and/or laptop, with free or very inexpensive software.

This course banishes your hesitations about being on camera or the tech of video.

Video Marketing 101 is a 3 month, 6 module course, meeting every two weeks, using the program Zoom. 

The Sessions are 90 minutes long - the first 30  - 45 minutes cover new content and the session is then opened up for Q&A.

Module 1 - The How Of Video -

The "How of Video" jump starts you into creating video, today!

You have decided to move into the World of Video, so there is no point wasting time and as with everything, video takes practice.

In this module, you will learn how to create videos with simple equipment and software, and how to do so in private, so you can practise, without being seen and build your confidence and skills.

In truth, your first video won't be your best and the first is always the most difficult, so we get that first video hurdle over and done with, so you can forge ahead, knowing "You Can Do This!"

What do I say? This is a question that concerns so many.

No worries, we tackle this question in Module 1 and build on it, throughout the course.

Remember every video you make is a Mini-Me, a virtual clone, marketing you 24/7/365 in 24 times zones, globally.

People are already looking for you online. Video helps them find you, so they can come to know, like and trust you and benefit from your wisdom.

Module 2 - The What Of Video -

The "What of Video" shows you the simple, non-technical ways, to create video today.

Many video beginners get stuck at the "What To Video" -  "What Do I Say?"

This module gives you a framework to build on, which forever, solves your concerns about "What Do I Say?"

You have so much Wisdom and Knowledge to share, much more than you realize. All you need is a structure, which allows you to build out a map of your wisdom and gifts.

Module 2, "The What Of Video" gives you this framework early in the course, enabling you to gain the confidence of knowing you will always have a list of valuable topics to share.

Module 3 - The Where Of Video - Facebook

You've made your first videos incognito. You're now comfortable with your message and presentation, so where will you broadcast your videos? 

Keeping all simple, this module and Module 4 focus on the two behemoths of video, Facebook and YouTube.

In this module, you will learn how to use Facebook video, both recorded and live.

Facebook offers great opportunities to grow your audience with video. 

Facebook is the "Hare of Video", allowing you to build your audience quickly.

Looking over my shoulder, on the computer screen, I show you "click by click" how to edit and upload video to Facebook.

Module 4  - The Where Of Video - YouTube

YouTube, the other video behemoth, takes a little more time and attention to detail.
YouTube is the "Tortoise of Video" but ultimately, in the long run, is the more powerful marketer of you and your business, for many reasons.

In this module, we look at the power of YouTube, the World's second largest Search Engine, behind Google and how you can harness that power to be seen and heard. 

Again, looking over my shoulder, on the computer screen, I show you how to create a YouTube Channel and "click by click" how to edit and upload video to YouTube.

Module 5 - The When Of Video -

This Module deals with those common questions of "When" and "How Often" do I post my videos for maximum effect?

There's magic, mystery and method in when and how to post. Module 5 module gives you guidelines for posting and shows you how to repurpose your videos many times over in many different forms

Module 6 - Your Video Marketing Plan -

In Module 6, together we create your Video Marketing Plan. 

You will leave the course with a simple, rinse and repeat plan, to use on a weekly basis to grow your visibility, so you can extend your reach, influence and impact, be found by those, who are already looking for you and have them come to know, like and trust you.


Once you have completed the course, you will continue to have access to the Private Facebook Groups with replays of the sessions, where you can continue asking any video questions or challenges.

One of the biggest challenges running any program is ensuring assigned tasks are completed. Everyone intends to complete their "homework" but we are all busy and once away from a live session, our daily lives take over and finding time to complete tasks is not easy.

If you know you would benefit from an accountability partner or group and a system to keep you on task, for an additional investment, Video Marketing 101 has partnered with a program making easier for you to complete your tasks and make consistent progress.

I am and will continue to be enrolled in this program, as I am impressed how effectively it keeps me on track, moving me forward fast.
I am a pretty organized person, yet setting my daily goals in a supportive group has been very beneficial.

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You can choose whether to invest in Video Marketing 101, with a single investment of $797.00 US or a monthly payment of $297.00 US, for 3 consecutive months.

Once you have completed your payment, you will receive an email with the course outline and dates and times and video links.

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I am looking forward to getting to know you, your business and your dreams and to showing you how to benefit from the power of video.

Today, Video is a "Must Have", so don't leave home without it!

Talk soon!