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Have you ever had a pivotal moment in your life, which changed the course of your life? If you have, you will remember that moment with intense clarity and the emotions associated with it, for ever.

I have had two such pivotal moments.

The first - lying on my bed for hours in the fetal position, feeling nothing, feeling empty, knowing my marriage of over three decades was over.

Suddenly, to my eternal surprise, out of the blue, I felt a warmth and peace suffused my body.

It was a shock - a beautiful shock and to my amazement, this warmth passing through me instantly gave me the power, the confidence and the strength to rise up from my bed, leave my marriage and begin a new life.

Fast forward four years, finally divorced and enjoying my new life, I’d learned a lot and understood the joys and challenges of moving into your later years alone. 

Like many women, my husband had managed our financial affairs, whilst I poured my energies into working long hours, as an anesthesiologist as we raised our kids.  

Once on my own, I had to admit my financial illiteracy, so spent a lot of time, reading about managing money. This was in the years immediately preceding the financial crash of 2008, and I became aware of the looming financial meltdown and began following the greed, folly, arrogance and incompetence of Wall Street and the US Government, as they led the World to the brink of financial collapse.

My second pivotal moment came during the crash, on September 29th 2008.

I was very angry. Over $2 trillion dollars of innocent people's retirement savings would be vaporized by the meltdown. Millions would lose their homes, jobs, savings and potentially have to continue working forever.

Watching the US Congress turn down the Troubled Asset Relief Program (TARP), again to my surprise, suddenly in my mind's eye, I was standing on a cliff, looking down into a valley, filled with the millions, who were to lose so much in this mess.

A little voice in my head said, "Someone has to do something about this".
A second little voice said, "You are someone, why don't you?"
I replied "Why not?" So here we are!

My life changed course again.

There is always a silver lining.

The web, tech and the opportunities we have today have fascinated me for over thirty years. Living in an amazing time of rapid change, you have the opportunity to create your own stream of active and  passive income to fund you now, and into your later years.

In 2017, over 50% of the World's population was online and it is predicted that by 2020, everyone will be online. That's over 7 billion people!

You have Wisdom many of those 7 billion people need.

By taking your Wisdom to the World, you will -

- Benefit others with your Wisdom 

- Grow your business

- Extend your reach, increase your influence, impact and income

- Generate your own active and passive income stream, your own Wealth and the Wealth of those, you help.

75% of all web traffic is now video and growing. Video has been shown time and again to be your most powerful way to take your Wisdom To The World - to those who need you.

My passion, my goal, is to help you take your Wisdom To The World to help others lead better lives and achieve the Wealth, financial freedom and peace of mind you deserve, using all the tools available today.

What Do I Want?

If you aren't certain What You Want Your Life to look like in the future or how to use your Wisdom to create Wealth, become clear by downloading my action guide, "What Do I Want?"

            My First Act -
Always A Bad Hair Day!

I have had the privilege of spending 50 years, as a physician, an anesthesiologist, and over those years, I watched in awe, as so many amazing medical, technological and social advances come into being.
When I retired and hung up my syringes, the One Thing, I took away from those years, was how all these  advances had come together to have us live longer and healthier lives, providing you lived a fairly healthy lifestyle.
All the indications are the next 50 years will be even more amazing and living to 100 years and beyond will become commonplace.
So making plans today for your bonus years  is not a bad idea!

          My Second Act -
You're Never Too Old To Start A Venture!

Frustrated with your current life and career?
Want to enjoy the stimulation of trying something new and exciting, a dream you have always wanted to bring into reality?
Time for your fun Second Act?
Today, you can do this simply, easily and inexpensively at any age!
If you long to make your dream a reality, start a new venture, take your Wisdom to the World, I show you step by step - no overwhelm - how to identify and reach your ideal customer, be seen, heard and known, liked and trusted.
You don't need any fancy gear or expensive equipment. A smartphone plus free or inexpensive software is all you need.

      My Three Mantras

I live by three Mantras -

"I woke up this morning, it's a good day"

“This Life Is Not A Dress Rehearsal”

"Carpe Diem - Seize The Day".


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